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November 2011 BabbaBoxWith the Holidays just around the corner I wanted to share a great gifting idea for kids aged 3-6 that will be sure to keep those tiny hands and imaginations hard at work!  You won’t have to worry about double gifting the same puzzle or latest toy when gifting a BabbaBox!  Personally, I think this gift idea is great for families with 1-3 children, ages 3-6.  With the timing of the orders, this is a perfect gift idea for Christmas!

BabbaBox is a magical creation by Jessica Kim at  This truly is about getting back to our roots and finding the creative outlets for kids to learn and grow their imaginations through hands on crafts and exploration projects.


What is a BabbaBox?

What is a BabbaBox exactly?  A BabbaBox is what I would call a theme-based craft and learn box that is geared towards the 3-6 year old range.  Your BabbaBox arrives neatly organized with focus items:  Create, Explore, Story Tell, and Digital focus.

  • Create: 3-4 projects
  • Explore: Activities to engage with the world and nature
  • Story Tell: Books and stories
  • Digital: Interactive learning with BabbaCo approved downloads (computer, iPhone, iPad)

The fantastic part about the BabbaCo Box is that all instructions and product supplies are INCLUDED, so no more running around to the craft stores having to buy 100 of a certain craft item just to do a couple of simple crafts with your children at home.  Glue, paint, you name it, if it’s needed to complete the project it’s in there.  All crafts are divided and individually bagged or rubberbanded together so you know exactly what you need for each project.

BabbaCo prides themselves with providing a great value for the price.  And I agree!  For $29.99, you get your BabbaBox with items retailing for $40-$50 and FREE SHIPPING, which I am a big fan of.

Lastly, Jessica includes a little gift inside each box for the adult(s), what a nice final touch!


The November 2011 BabbaBox

Our first BabbaBox was the November 2011 box, below is my review:

We ordered the BabbaBox in EARLY November, probably the first week.  All boxes are mailed out at the same time.  Shortly before the box was actually shipped we received an email with a video from Jessica giving us a sneak peek into what to expect in our box and what the theme is.  November’s theme is Gratitude, appropriate for Thanksgiving!  Once the box actually shipped we received an email with the UPS tracking and patiently my Daughter (age 3) waited for her “special box”…once it arrived, I could not keep her hands out of it (Boxes arrive between the 15th and 20th of each month).


We received the following:

Gratitude Journal BabbaBox Craft Gratitude Journal – This is an “Explore” activity and included a disposable camera with 27 exposures, a journal (heavy cardboard type stock that is accordion folded with ribbon to tie) and markers.  The idea is that our children can use the camera to take pictures of things that they are thankful for and later decorate and put the pictures in their journal.  It can be set up for display and is super cute!  We are still on the picture taking portion of this project so we have not yet developed the pictures.  Still, I can’t get this one away from my little one’s hands, she feels like such a big girl with her own camera!





BabbaBox Thank You Card Craft

Thank You Cards – This is a “Create” activity and includes 6 cards (2 sets of 3) of cards and included 2 pre-stamped envelopes!  The project included foam stickers, a “Tree of Thanks” with individual leaves that you can write on them what you are thankful for, markers, and fun shaped cards.   On the back of each instruction are helpful tips and ideas for using the projects.  There is plenty of wiggle room here to work with the projects as described and there are plenty of other materials to really personalize and make each project truly unique.  There were even googly eyes included with the cards and a listing of “Thank You” spoken in 12 different languages to learn as we express our gratitude!





BabbaBox Serving Tray CraftServing Tray – This is a “Create” activity which is a (very) sturdy clear plastic tray and a stencil that says “Thank You” you put the stencil upside down to trace the letters on the back of the tray and then there is room for hand prints on the bottom.  Of course the paint brush, non-toxic paint and even a plastic lidded paint dish is included so you can save and use the left over paint for other projects!  My daughter could not WAIT to do this; she loves anything to do with paint.  We did both hand prints under the “Thank You” phrase.  BabbaCo reminds us that we are only limited by our imaginations so our little ones can explore and create with the materials as they wish!



BabbaBox Trivet Hotpad CraftTrivet/Hotpad – Here is another “Create” activity using corkboard, paint, and stickers!  Simply apply the stickers (favorite words/phrases) to the corkboard and paint over the stickers.  Once the paint dries, remove the stickers and you have a pretty trivet or hotpad with words of thanks!  We used the words: Family, Love, Yummy!, Give Thanks!, and Turkey






Book – This is obviously under the “Story Tell” category.  We received “Giving Thanks” by Jonathan London, a beautiful story reminding us to give thanks to nature and the simple things around us.  My daughter sits attentively through the book and loves the pictures!


“Cookie Doodle” iPhone/iPad App – You and your little ones can create your own virtual cookie with this fun app!  Individual download codes are issued in the Gratitude BabbaBox.  (Your individual code to download this app is included in your Gratitude Themed BabbaBox)

Don’t have an iPhone or iPad?  Click here for other BabbaCo recommended Apps (Android and Web App). Also, be sure to check out the content details of the Gratitude BabbaBox here!


BabbaCo also included a memory game cut out of cards saying “Thank You” in other spoken languages to learn while playing!

Lastly, I had my yummy cup of tea to enjoy and relax while my daughter colored her cards and played with the stickers.  Jessica included a sample of her favorite tea and tea infuser, yummy!  Thanks Jessica!


Editor’s Tip:  It’s always worth checking around to see if you can get a one time deal on the BabbaBox if you haven’t yet gotten one, but it’s still a steal at $29.99 (free shipping!) and for a limited time you can get 20% off your BabbaBox here.

I did find the October BabbaBox being offered through a sample sale site,  It was offered at 50% off (shipping fees may apply).  I’m not sure if this is still available, but other sample or private sale sites to check out might be: Totsy and Zulily as they usually have many unique toys/gift ideas.


BabbaBox can be gifted as individual boxes ($29.99), 3 month ($89.99) or annual subscription.  The annual subscription cost is $299.99 (12 for the price of 10, so 2 boxes free!)  This is a great gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays, and other Holidays.  There are plenty of materials for more than 1 child, probably ideal for 2 or 3 (think playdates!) with the amount of supplies.

  • Orders placed by the 15th of each month will receive that month’s themed box.
  • Boxes for all subscribers are mailed at the same time each month and arrive between the 15th-20th of each month.


**Check with BabbaCo’s website for any updates and details regarding subscription fees or changes to their shipping and charging policies.

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